Page updated on 11 November 2019.

The progress bars below show the status of my current works-in-progress. Some of the projects are planned for the future. Others are being worked on now.

Short Stories

I rarely write short stories, as I tend to gravitate towards longer works of fiction. But if I do decide to write another, it will be shown here.

I have nothing in this category at present.

Children’s Chapter Books

I have published a few chapter books. I regularly write for the 8 to 12 year old age group.

House on the Hill – 100% Complete

15,000 / 15,000

Ghost at the Cemetery – 42.85% Complete

6,427 / 15,000

(Untitled at Present) (Land of Miu, #4) – 0% Complete

0 / 30,000

Young Adult Manuscripts

This is another genre I don’t normally write in. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never do so.

I have nothing in this category at present.

Adult Manuscripts

Most of my completed manuscripts have been for adults. However, they all need major editing. The ones listed below will be published, one day.

Whispering Caves (Working Title) – 0% Complete

0 / 100,000

Untitled (Prequel to Whispering Caves) – 0% Complete

0 / 100,000

Survival (Working Title) – 0% Complete

0 / 100,000

Non-Fiction Manuscripts

I doubt I’ll write any non-fiction books. But I’ll list the category here, just in case.

I have nothing in this category at present.