Journey to Freedom

Cover: Journey to Freedom: A mini-fantasy collection
Available in paperback and ebook

Title: Journey to Freedom: A mini-fantasy Collection
Release Date: 11 December 2019
Author: Karen Lee Field
Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 120
ISBN13: 978-0-6485959-1-5 (ebook) and 978-0-6485959-0-8 (pbk)
ASIN: B07ZNNT75T (kindle edition)

Short Description: A mini fantasy collection. Four stories with common themes of oppression and struggle. The main characters crave freedom, but can they find what they are looking for?

Long Description: When warrior mages try to abduct her son, a woman must trust her past to ensure her son’s future.

A scullery maid is sent to retrieve an old book and discovers that some stories are larger than life.

The Chosen of Ra envisions the most magnificent monument his people have ever seen, but the disc in the sky threatens to destroy everything.

Left for dead by his master, a slave dares to cross magical boundaries to find love and freedom.

But what is freedom, and will they be able to find what they are looking for?

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