FAQ: Ebook Formatting and Interior Design


If you want to convert your manuscript to an eBook and you don’t want to do it yourself, or don’t know how to, then I can do it for you at a very low cost.

For details, keep reading, but also refer to For Hire: Manuscript Formatting and Conversion to eBook Service.

Current Timeframe

The completed files will be emailed to you within 4 to 7 days of receipt of payment and all other required information.

What will I get for my money if I order the Format & Convert option?

You will receive the following pages:

  • Cover
  • Title page
  • Other Titles Page (optional)
  • Copyright page
  • Dedication page (optional)
  • Multiple chapters (as many as you want)
  • About the author page
  • Connect with Me page (optional)
  • Other pages as requested by you

What if I find an error in my ebook?

You have 30 days to notify me after delivery of the completed files. I do not charge to resolve errors caused by conversion. However, I will not resolve errors that existed in the original file, so please ensure your file is ready before you send it to me.

How do I prepare my manuscript?

You have two options:

1. Pay me an additional $20 to prepare it for you (go to Format & Convert Manuscript to eBook, or,
2. Do it yourself by following Steps to Strip Your Manuscript in Preparation to Convert to an Ebook.

What other information will I need to provide if I order the Format & Convert option?

In order to create an ebook that can be sold online, you will need to provide me with more information so that I can create the appropriate pages for you. I will need:

Your name
Your email address
eBook Style preference (refer to eBook Styles page)
Author Name
Title of Book
Publisher name and address, if any
Copyright year
ISBN number, if you want to include one
Cover designed by (name)
Dedication wording
List of other books you have had published
Author bio
Connect with me information, if required

What else should I send you?

The cover image is not included in the price, so you need to ensure you have already organised a cover for your book and it will need to be emailed to me. The size needs to be at least 1200 x 1600.

Can I pay you to create a cover for my book?

Sorry, no. I can recommend Go On Write. I have purchased covers from them. They are easy to deal with, prompt and inexpensive. And, no, I do not get a commission for recommending them.

Do I have to credit you in the ebook?

Yes please. I will include the following line on your copyright page:

Text design by karenleefield.com

Can I include more than four images? And can I include videos and audio files?


My files are too large to email. What should I do?

You can send me a Dropbox link (or equivalent) to the file(s). Please try to avoid links that time out, as I may not access them straight away.

What if I only want to pay you to prepare my manuscript, but not convert it?

That’s fine. I can prepare the manuscript for you. You do not have to purchase the Convert option. Just choose and pay for the Prepare only option.

I have more questions.

Use the Contact page to ask any additional questions you may have.