Book Review: The Dead

The Dead (The Dead #1)The Dead by David Gatward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Lazarus Stone is about to turn sixteen when, one night, his normal life is ripped to shreds by a skinless figure drenched in blood.

He has a message: The Dead are coming.

Now Lazarus is all that stands in their way. To fulfil his destiny, he must confront not only the dark past of his family, but horrors more gruesome than even Hell could invent. And it all begins with the reek of rotting flesh…


Whilst browsing the shelves of my local second-hand bookshop (the only bookshop in town) I came across this young adult series—all three books, in good condition too!

The dead are coming!

Well, what can I say, this one sentence provided my imagination with lots of images and I immediately picked up all three books and purchased them.

The Dead is book one of the series. It starts out strong and carried me right through to the last page. It’s fast-paced and interesting. There’s no time to ponder or get distracted or to check what’s on television because something is happening all the time to demand your full attention.

If you’re looking for deep and meaningful, then this isn’t the book for you. This book is fun, vivid and entertaining. Yes, it’s classed as horror, but there’s no need to be scared—blood and guts are definitely a part of the story—unless, of course, you are of a timid nature, in which case there will be plenty to cause you fear.

And the characters? We are introduced to Lazarus and Craig, best mates, and Arielle (you’ll have to read the book to find out more about her). They are likeable and work well together. I’m looking forward to reading where the author will take them in book two, The Dark.


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