Book Review: Spirit Walker

Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I finished reading this book on 31 December 2012.


A cry echoed through the Forest. He froze. It was not the yowl of a vixen, or a lynx seeking a mate. It was a man. Or something that had once been a man. With a creeping sense of dread, Torak watched the light between the trees begin to fail. . . .

Torak is a boy apart. A boy who can talk to wolves. A boy who must vanquish the Soul-Eaters . . . or die trying.

As the Moon of No Dark waxes large, the clans fall prey to a horrifying sickness. Fear stalks the Forest. The very breath of spring seems poisoned. No one knows the cause and only Torak can find the cure. His quest takes him across the sea to the mysterious islands of the Seal Clan. Here Torak battles an unseen menace and uncovers a betrayal that will change his life forever.


Spirit Walker is the second book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series written by Michelle Paver.

The book didn’t grab me instantly like the first book did. Having said that, however, it did draw me in by the end of the second or third chapter.

We join Torak for another adventure. Naturally, Renn and Wolf joined him (in a fashion), which was great and, in my opinion, expected. We were also introduced to some new characters who played their parts well and convincingly.

It was nice to ‘see’ more of the world too. It is easy to believe, with some book series, that the world is limited and to some degree two dimensional. But the author expands Torak’s world which makes it more believable. And because of this, the contrast to the first book was there; the first book was set in a forest, the second mainly on water and an island.

Another enjoyable instalment. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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