eBook Review: Inside Evil

Inside Evil by Geoffrey Wakeling

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Inside Evil is a fantasy mystery story set in England. It’s about a group of people tangled up in the death of a young girl. It is apparent that the death is connected to other deaths in the area. All have similar causes. All are unusual. None have been solved. Time is of the essence because someone else will die!

Whilst parts of the story were a bit slow, the characters and plot were intriguing enough to make me want to carry on reading. I wanted to know what was happening. I was curious enough to want to know what or who was behind the deaths.

I think the best thing about this mystery is the fantasy side of the story. It wraps the events in greater mystery and isn’t so easy for the reader to solve. Therefore, the only choice the reader has is to keep reading to find out the answers.

The book ended, but it was obvious that another book could pick up where this one left off. I’d be happy to read the next instalment too.

I believe people who like mysteries and people who like fantasy stories would enjoy this book.