Book Review: The Gypsy Crown

The Gypsy Crown by Kate Forsyth

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in a series of six.

It is the story of two gypsy families meeting to come to a marriage agreement for two of their teenagers. After the deal is made, one family heads off to a nearby town to sing and dance to help raise the dowry and are charged with a number of things including murder! All except two youngsters are imprisoned (two cousins who are 13 year olds and manage to escape). Their names are Luka and Emilia. It’s up to these two to find help and free the rest of the family before they are sent to the gallows.

An enjoyable book for younger readers, with a bit of historical value as well. There’s plenty of action and adventure. The reader will learn about life in the 1600s too. It’s a well written first book in the series. I’ll be reading the rest of the series.

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