Book Review: Full Circle

Full Circle by Pamela Freeman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full Circle is the third book in a fantasy trilogy. It’s also the first adult trilogy this author has written as she usually writes for a younger audience.

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The first two books were read in quick succession over two years ago but Full Circle was not due for release for another year so I had no choice but to wait. Circumstances meant I ended up waiting two years before I could read the book, which meant I had trouble remembering where the story was at and had actually forgotten one character completely, which I found quite distracting.

In fact, it was so distracting I couldn’t get into the story. Knowing this was going to spoil the book for me, I went on the internet and deliberately looked for spoilers for the first two books. I wanted to know what had happened in them. I wanted to remember. This proved to be a great thing as I discovered the information was still in my memory banks but they just needed some prompting to come out. I managed to piece together what had “gone before” but still could not remember how this certain character fitted into the story. Reluctant to continue reading without knowing, I searched for an answer but couldn’t find one…so I did something I’ve never done before, I contacted the author and asked her!

Armed with the facts, I continued reading and I am so glad I went to all that trouble.

Full Circle is a brilliant conclusion to a great story. There were not as many “mini-stories” in this book but as with the other books I totally enjoyed the ones that were included.

The story picks up where the previous one left off and we were guided smoothly to the climax. The story is told from various viewpoints and it was interesting to see how their points of view overlapped and especially how the meaning behind something previously seen from one person’s eyes could change completely when viewed from another set of eyes. It was really well done and felt natural, a bit like a light bulb being switched on allowing everyone to see the full picture.

As the pages turned and we moved towards the climax I found myself thinking I knew how the big confrontation would play out. I thought I saw how the author was positioning the players and I was eager to discover that I was right. Problem is, I wasn’t! I was taken totally by surprise by the turn of events and that made the ending even better.

The ending, without giving anything away, was sad but right. I felt tears welling yet felt satisfied with the outcome. It was strange to feel this way yet as a reader, I think it’s important that the author stirs something in the reader, making them think about the conclusion for a while, allowing emotions to affect the reader momentarily. Full Circle did that.

This trilogy is highly recommended.

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