Book Review: Deep Water

Deep Water by Pamela Freeman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Last night, I finished reading Deep Water (The Castings Trilogy) by Pamela Freeman. I must say that I particularly enjoyed how the author ties everything together. Even the “mini stories” play an important role in the overall plot – and not only because they give the world and the characters more depth. My only complaint is that the third book won’t be released until late in 2009.

My apologies for the lack of enthusiasm in my “review” of the book. It really is a good book and deserves much more than what I’ve written here, but I have a tummy bug, so I’m not feeling 100% and don’t have the energy to think and be creative. I might come back to this post and expand on it at a later stage…when my brain isn’t fried and I’m feeling better.

Edited on Tuesday 9 December 2008

Well, five days later and I’m still not 100%, but I do feel much better than I did and I’m ready to add something more to my review of Deep Water now.

As a reader, I found that the first two books of the trilogy spoke to me. I enjoyed the characters, especially their depth, and I related to their stories. I also enjoyed finding out what made them tick by reading their “mini stories”. Often we accept traits of characters on face value, but the author of these books offered reasons and circumstances that made me feel sorry for even the nasty characters. As I said in my review of Blood Ties (Book 1), this trilogy is the best adult writing I’ve read in a while.

As a writer, I found the “mini stories” worked well in captivating my interest, yet we are told time and time again that flashbacks should be kept to a minimum. I believe these books prove that rules are meant to be broken, if it is done well. I also took note that the flow of the writing was easy to follow. There were no strange words that stopped me in my tracks because I didn’t know what they meant. The character names and the names of places were easily pronounced, which again didn’t divert my attention away from the storyline. And…there were no long descriptions and no weather reports, which are two of my pet hates.

I think the only real criticism I have about this trilogy is the fact that the story is continuous from one book to the next. I’ve never like books that do that – especially when I have to wait almost a year before the next book is available to continue to read – as my memory isn’t the best anymore. But even when my memory was great, I didn’t like it. I prefer each book of a trilogy to have a main story that starts and ends in that book, even if there is a thread that stretches over all three books (which there should always be, in my opinion).

I enjoyed both books a great deal and they are highly recommended.

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  1. Sorry you’re not well – hope the bug is routed soon. I’m glad you liked Deep Water. FYI, I’ve handed in the first draft of the next book, Full Circle, and am waiting for comments from the structural editor, so you can at least be sure that the third book will be out on time!

  2. I hope you’re feeling better soon, Karen. I was wondering how you were. There is so much going around at the moment even though it’s meant to be summer!

  3. I’m so-so. I think I’m over it and then it returns again. The doctor said the stomach virus is going around and I just have to “ride it through”.

    I’m glad to hear Full Circle is going to schedule.


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