Book Review: Shimmer

Shimmer by Kathryn Deans

My rating: No rating given

The blurb: Grieve is a troll with a seriously big problem. The Shimmer, a fragment of the Creation Stone, has been stolen, and all the evidence points to him being the thief. Grieve knows there’s only one set of creatures evil enough to use it – the fairies. He also knows he’s going to need specialist help in getting it back.

My review: I started reading Shimmer by Kathryn Deans. She’s an Australian writer (by night) and works in a bank by day. Now, this is no reflection on the writer or the book, but…I stopped reading it. I’m not all that keen on trolls, ogres, dwarves, elves – and this story has all of them. I only read the first 20 pages and I found that my mind kept wondering. I just wasn’t in the mood. I can tell you that the author writes with a humourous flow, which I liked, and the main character was well crafted. I’ll put the book back on the shelf and will come back to it at a later date…maybe.

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