Book Reviews: Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C Wrede

Book 1: Dealing with Dragons and Book 2: Searching for Dragons

I’ve been reading this series by Patricia C Wrede and must say that this writer is very good. She’s taken all the old fairytale elements and crafted an interesting and funny series out of them. The book are so easy to read, and really entertaining.

There are more books to the series, but I only have books one and two. The cover for the first book is shown.

The first book – Dealing with Dragons – is about a not so typical princess who runs away from home to live with the dragons. The second book – Searching for Dragons – is about the king of the enchanted forest, who with the help of the princess (well, that’s what he wants to believe anyway) is trying to find the King of the Dragons. The two have a great adventure and there’s a bit of romance blossoming too.

These books are perfect examples of how a writer can take what’s been done before and put a new spin on it. Patricia Wrede does an excellent job of doing just this. Perfect books to entertain young readers.