Children love Characters

When writing for children it is important to remember that children love characters. With this in mind, it is equally important to create realistic characters that will reach out and grab the reader and take them on an adventure of a life time.

The good children in your stories must be likeable. They must have personalities that children can relate too. They must become the readers best friend.

However, don’t forget the bad children in the story too. It’s just as important to have an antagonist that the children can hate. It’s even better if that antagonist reminds them of a horrible boy or girl at school. That way they can pretend to be the protagonist and can get sweet revenge. By the time they finish reading the story, the child will feel satisfied and happy with the ending.

Once you have the connection between reader and character, the child will want to revisit your world and go on more adventures with their best friend. This will open the door for more books, books that the publishers will be eager to get printed and on the book shelves because to them it’s more money in their pocket. To you, it’s another book sold.

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