Book Review: School of Wizardry

School of Wizardry (Circle of Magic, Book 1)by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald

The blurb: Determined to become a wizard, twelve-year-old Randal is delighted to be accepted into the famed School of Wizardry, but his apprenticeship is marred when he realizes that one of the master wizards is using evil spells to destroy the school and gain supreme power.

My review: Last night I finished reading School of Wizardry. The storyline slightly resembled the Harry Potter series…hang on, I just checked the publication date and School of Wizardry was published in 1990, which was prior to Harry Potter, so let me change my line of thought to Harry Potter slightly resembles School of Wizardry.

How do the resemble each other? The boy has no training but suddenly finds himself a wizard’s apprentice. There’s the “can’t do the spells” thing, the fiesty girl and the nasty master wizard, but other than that School of Wizardry had a different feel to it – more medieval. I liked the way we got inside the boy’s head and although this was book 1 of 6, I liked the way it ended too. It was obvious what the next book will be about, but with the addition of a couple of paragraphs, I felt satisfied with the ending and don’t have to read the next book. I hate being forced to do so, so this gave the book an extra point.

The book was entertaining. I enjoyed it.

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