My name is Karen Lee Field and I welcome you to my desk. There are several drawers, so please feel free to snoop in the ones you find interesting.

Drawer 1: Blog

This section of the website is dedicated to my life as a writer and my experience with self-publication. Writing is not an easy craft and, I believe, a writer never stops learning. I share my writing and publication journey – this includes the highs and the lows, so be warned.

Drawer 2: My Books

Find out more about me and my books in this section of the website. I mainly write fantasy and adventure books, but I also have a dark fiction book too. All the books can be purchased here or via the links to online bookstores. All are under AU$5 and they are an instant download.

Drawer 3: For Writers

This section of the website has recently changed the most. I have removed all the old writing resources and will add up-to-date tips for new writers in the future. This is where you will find information advising how you can hire me for my Manuscript Formatting and Conversion to eBook Service, at a very low cost.

Drawer 4: For Readers

If you like to read, then you’ll be interested in the book reviews you’ll find on this page. We all want free ebooks, so I’ll share links to websites where you can download them legally. And, coming soon, author interviews will also be added.

Drawer 5: Archives

Sometimes it’s fun to dig deep into the archives of a site and see what turns up. If you enjoy doing that, here’s a link to all the topics and categories you can find on this website. Enjoy!

Drawer 6: Contact

If you see something wrong on the website (such as an error or a broken link), please let me know. Or, if you’d like to send me an email for any other reason, please feel free to do so. I will endeavour to respond promptly.

Finally, I will bring your attention to three important pages — my Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Returns Policy.

Thank you for stopping by.

Last updated on 23 January 2023